Nick Farhi (b. 1987, New York) is an artist, poet, and writer.  Recent group exhibitions include the Jewish Museum, New York, Nino Mier Gallery, New York, Marlborough Gallery, London, and Golsa, Oslo.

Farhi has critiqued and spoken  at universities and institutions including the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Columbia University School of the Arts.  His writing and poetry have been published by the Yale School of Architecture’s Paprika! Magazine and the 2023 MODA Critical Review Journal of Columbia University.  

Developing a wonky and uniquely a-skewed visual grammar through the labor of painting, both still and moving life, are made at deliberately bewildering and unusual scale. Through large scale representational oil paintings, tonalities and cultural universalities within western societies are emphasized, scrutinized and anthropomorphized.

Through an interplay between visual research, (spanning from found imagery and autobiographical photography) to an internal intuition for figuration, Farhi delivers various addresses on daily life through mark making and abstract symbologies.

Nick Farhi



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